Don Quixote

I was really unsure about this book due to it’s size….Mind you I did read The Count of Monte Cristo and it was even bigger, and it became one of my favorite books!!  This book is going to be the same.  It is very funny.  Don Quixote does not know what reality is!!!  He constantly reads books on knights and adventures, so he thinks that he should just become a knight and travel around Spain looking for Giants and Dragons to battle….Wow!!!   He has finally realized that he needs someone to actually knight him…so he has found an innkeeper, who Don believes is actually the man in charge of a castle, and he convinced him to make him a knight!!!


I have to admit that I have to use Cliff Notes on this book…I find the language is very difficult to follow.


Confessions of an evil step sister

So this story is a re-telling of the world famous classic Cinderella.

I just don’t know if I like it or not…I am halfway through and it is very different.  It is not anything like the Cinderella that I know.   Cinderella, or shall I say Clara, as that is her name in this story is a changeling.  How weird is that???

I had to step back and totally forget what I know of Cinderella and I had to read it with an open mind…I am finding that that is helping me understand this story a little bit better.   It is a very good story, and I will post more when I finish!!!

I have finished…It was actually a good story…some parts were still there from the Cinderella that I grew up with, but it was still different enough that it was like reading it for the first time.

Definitely worth reading!!!


Wow, what a powerful story.  How hard it would be to move into your new home as a new bride, only to live in the shadow of your new husbands dead wife,  and a housekeeper that won’t let you forget that you are not the one that is dead.


This book was incredible.  I loved the fact that the main character remained nameless throughout the whole book.  It made it easier to connect with “her”.  I never would have expected the twist that occurred in this book.  I loved that about it as well, I am so tired of books that are predictable, and this book was anything but that.  I am very glad that I read this book!!  Very recommendable.

The Book of Lost Things

WOW…ok so this book is very strange….but kind of in a good way.  I am only halfway through so I will add to this post as I go, but I wanted to share a little with you before I finish it.  It is a very twisted fairytale.  And I do mean twisted.  There are so many different fairytale’s that are all connected in this story.  The first fairytale that is introduced is Alice in Wonderland because David climbs into a trunk of a tree and ends up in fairytale land.  The next fairytale that is told is Little Red Riding hood…but this one is very messed up because Red falls in love with the wolf and they end up mating and creating wolf people.   Then we have Hansel and Gretel that is told to David by the Woodsman….and then it’s the Wizard of Oz because David has to follow the white road to the kings palace to find the Book of Lost Things which is the Kings most prized possession.  David meets up with the 7 dwarfs who are not named Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy and Doc!!!!   They are Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8…7 was kicked out of the group….Snow White is not the Snow White that we all know, she is a fat, evil woman who treats the Dwarfs badly.   And then now I have read the story of Beauty and the Beast, except the beast is female, and the Beauty is a male that  gets hurt and the Beast saves him, keeps him locked in a room and refuses to have him look at her.  The man falls in love with the Beast without seeing her face….He confesses his love for her after being locked in the room for 2 months, but when the Beast reveals herself the man won’t approach her so she rips him to shreds and eats him.

The crooked man…totally Rumplestilsken…hope I spelled his name right!!  He is a very interesting Character!!

Another fairy tale that is used is I believe to be used is the princess and the frog…The story was about 2 men…one prince one servent….they went off to meet a king in a different city to marry the princess.  On the journey the servant tells the prince that he is going to take over being the prince and the prince will become the servant.  They get to the castle and as time passes the King discovers that the servant is really the prince…..

It is a very fascinating book, I can’t stop reading it but it is rather strange and weird.

Learned that it isn’t only just fairytales!!!!   It’s all books that are in this alternate world.  I am really enjoying it…I am almost finished and I have to admit that I have cried quite a bit throughout this book…I feel so bad for David…poor little guy!!  I can’t wait to get the answer to how he got to this world.

What an amazing story.   I loved how it ended.  David led a sad but yet not meaningless life.  I loved how he turned his experience into story books for children.

I did cry at the end when he went back into the other world and met up with the woodsman and his wife and son!!

The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

I have just started this book, but a certain paragraph stuck with me and I would like to share it with you.


David’s mother would often tell him that stories were alive.  They weren’t alive in the way that people were alive, or even dogs or cats.

Stories were different, though: they came alive in the telling.  Without a human voice to read them aloud, or a pair of wide eyes following them by flashlight beneath a blanket, they had no real existence in our world.  They were like seeds in the beak of of a bird, waiting to fall to earth, or the notes of a song laid out on a sheet yearning for an instrument to bring music into being.  They lay dormant, hoping for a chance to emerge.  They could take root in the imagination, and transform the reader.  Stories wanted to be read, Davids mother would whisper.  They needed it.  It was the reason they forced themselves from their world into ours.  They wanted us to give them life.

One at a time

Have you ever tried to do so many things at once that you feel like you are in way over your head??  I am there right now.  I am reading 3 books, and I am working on 3 reading challenges and I feel like my head is going to explode.  I have 5 books from the library and I have 2 more books that I have to read for October.

I know what your thinking….why not just return the books and stop the reading challenges and read only one book at a time….and that makes sense…but I feel like I would be giving up and that’s not who I am…once I start something I feel like I have to continue on with it.

The book I am currently reading Juliet by Anne Fortier is good but I am not really all that into it at this point.   I thought because it was based on Romeo and Juliet that it would be incredible but I find it somewhat unrealistic.  I don’t know maybe it’s because I have so many other things on the go at the moment that I am not giving it my full attention.

I am also currently reading Jane Eyre and the Hobbit…Cannot get into the Hobbit either…I loved the Hobbit when I read it the first time, but I just don’t feel like reading it…Jane Eyre is the one I want to read so I am going to just bite the bullet and return all my library books…stop all of those crazy reading challenges and just focus on one book at a time…..

I know I know I said that it would be as if I was giving up but after getting all that off my chest I do feel a lot better.  Thanks for reading my rambling…Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense…sometimes I have to do that in order to feel better and once I reread it, it makes me realize that it is as easy as just stopping, and returning the books and not doing the reading challenges.

where rainbows end

Have you ever tried to make life go smoothly, only to have fate step in and mess it all up?  Were you strong enough to face the challenge head on and win, or did you simply let fate take you where it wanted you to be?
Have you ever wanted something so bad, but just didn’t seem possible, because of course Fate gets in the way, but you believed with everything that you had and got it in the end?
Have you ever had a dream that after all of lifes twists and turns finally came true?
Have you ever loved someone so much, but not realized it until it was too late?  Fate has stepped in and again sticking it’s nose in where it doesn’t belong.
Is it that fate likes to make our lives miserable, or is it a meer test of our dedication and passion, to see if we really want something bad enough?  A test to make you appreciate the things that you work for in life, as opposed to just being handed it?
On that note, I do hope that you read this book, it has taught me a little and maybe it will do the same for you.
Until the next time…..Happy Reading 🙂


Ok so I have picked it up again…it is December the 22nd, and I had to read it all over again…I just love this story….It reminds me of my best friends male and female, and all the crazy things that we used to do when we were in school and out of school…..I think I am drawn to it because I saw my best friend of 20 years, for the first time in 8 years….I hope that makes sense…Her and I used to write crazy notes, letters, and do some pretty silly things when we were younger…Even though Rosie and Alex end up together at the end…it’s still  powerful story about true friends!!!!