Pillars of the Earth

First of all…It is BIG and HEAVY!!!!!   I can’t  get it for my KOBO…and it is heavy to carry around all the time….but it is worth it….I am 73 percent  through and honestly…I didn’t think I would enjoy it this much!

It is set back in the 1100’s when Churches were being built with stone by Masons…Its a love Story, and wars break out and there is magic, Towns being demolished and some pretty nasty other things.

I am not  going to tell the whole story now as I will probably not  get the right facts…and I am NOT  going back Through the book…So I  guess U will just have to take my word for it and read it for yourself!!!!

How much more can this poor town handle….It’s been burned down once and people are already afraid to live there….and WHY does  it have to  get sooo  good near the end!!!!
I was a little disappointed in the ending…Some of it was really good, but there was just one Character that I don’t think got what he deserved


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