Jane Eyre

I have started Jane Eyre, and in the first 10 chapters, I have cried…this poor girl goes through so much in her young life, I couldn’t even begin to imagine living that…I have just finished the part where Helen dies, and I have to say that I was very depressed after reading that.  Why can’t this be a happy story???

She gets treated horribly at the house she is staying at, she gets put into a school that is horrible, her best friend dies…what more can this poor girl go through??

I am now in Thornfield hall, and it is such a wonderful place…Jane meets Rochester on her walk , and at first he seems sort of nice, but now that we get to know him a little bit better, he is such a pompous ASS…OMG, I can’t believe that he acts like that.  He is totally rude to Jane, and poor Adele, he doesn’t like talking to brats…what a jerk….does he stay like that through the whole book??

Well the answer to that question is no, he does not.  Jane has just saved him from the fire, and he was so sweet and loving to her after…although he should be since she did just save his life:)   I think I am becoming a fan of his.

Ok lot’s has happened since I last wrote….First Mr. Mason gets attacked by something….still not sure what is going on in that House!!

Then Jane gets summoned by her Aunt Reed…I don’t know if I would have gone back to that house.  We discover why Aunt Reed has hated Jane all her life.   Then we find out that Jane’s Uncle sent a note 3 years prior to let Jane know that he wanted to adopt her, but Aunt Reed kept the note secret because she didn’t want Jane to succeed in life…WTF???   Talk about a crazy old lady!!!  Oh well she is dead and gone!!!   I am not really this cruel but what goes around comes around!!

Next we have the engagement…is it just me or was that really mean of Rochester…trying to make Jane jealous by pretending to be engaged to Miss Ingram….I don’t know maybe in a way it’s romantic but it’s also kind of cruel!!

And now what is going on with Mrs. Fairfax??  I don’t know why she has such an attitude towards Jane…I would have thought that she would have been happy for her…..did I miss something???

Now I understand….Wow…So Mr. Rochester is already married…mind you it is to a psychotic character, but really to do that to poor Jane…


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