The Book of Lost Things

WOW…ok so this book is very strange….but kind of in a good way.  I am only halfway through so I will add to this post as I go, but I wanted to share a little with you before I finish it.  It is a very twisted fairytale.  And I do mean twisted.  There are so many different fairytale’s that are all connected in this story.  The first fairytale that is introduced is Alice in Wonderland because David climbs into a trunk of a tree and ends up in fairytale land.  The next fairytale that is told is Little Red Riding hood…but this one is very messed up because Red falls in love with the wolf and they end up mating and creating wolf people.   Then we have Hansel and Gretel that is told to David by the Woodsman….and then it’s the Wizard of Oz because David has to follow the white road to the kings palace to find the Book of Lost Things which is the Kings most prized possession.  David meets up with the 7 dwarfs who are not named Sleepy, Happy, Dopey, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy and Doc!!!!   They are Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8…7 was kicked out of the group….Snow White is not the Snow White that we all know, she is a fat, evil woman who treats the Dwarfs badly.   And then now I have read the story of Beauty and the Beast, except the beast is female, and the Beauty is a male that  gets hurt and the Beast saves him, keeps him locked in a room and refuses to have him look at her.  The man falls in love with the Beast without seeing her face….He confesses his love for her after being locked in the room for 2 months, but when the Beast reveals herself the man won’t approach her so she rips him to shreds and eats him.

The crooked man…totally Rumplestilsken…hope I spelled his name right!!  He is a very interesting Character!!

Another fairy tale that is used is I believe to be used is the princess and the frog…The story was about 2 men…one prince one servent….they went off to meet a king in a different city to marry the princess.  On the journey the servant tells the prince that he is going to take over being the prince and the prince will become the servant.  They get to the castle and as time passes the King discovers that the servant is really the prince…..

It is a very fascinating book, I can’t stop reading it but it is rather strange and weird.

Learned that it isn’t only just fairytales!!!!   It’s all books that are in this alternate world.  I am really enjoying it…I am almost finished and I have to admit that I have cried quite a bit throughout this book…I feel so bad for David…poor little guy!!  I can’t wait to get the answer to how he got to this world.

What an amazing story.   I loved how it ended.  David led a sad but yet not meaningless life.  I loved how he turned his experience into story books for children.

I did cry at the end when he went back into the other world and met up with the woodsman and his wife and son!!


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