where rainbows end

Have you ever tried to make life go smoothly, only to have fate step in and mess it all up?  Were you strong enough to face the challenge head on and win, or did you simply let fate take you where it wanted you to be?
Have you ever wanted something so bad, but just didn’t seem possible, because of course Fate gets in the way, but you believed with everything that you had and got it in the end?
Have you ever had a dream that after all of lifes twists and turns finally came true?
Have you ever loved someone so much, but not realized it until it was too late?  Fate has stepped in and again sticking it’s nose in where it doesn’t belong.
Is it that fate likes to make our lives miserable, or is it a meer test of our dedication and passion, to see if we really want something bad enough?  A test to make you appreciate the things that you work for in life, as opposed to just being handed it?
On that note, I do hope that you read this book, it has taught me a little and maybe it will do the same for you.
Until the next time…..Happy Reading 🙂


Ok so I have picked it up again…it is December the 22nd, and I had to read it all over again…I just love this story….It reminds me of my best friends male and female, and all the crazy things that we used to do when we were in school and out of school…..I think I am drawn to it because I saw my best friend of 20 years, for the first time in 8 years….I hope that makes sense…Her and I used to write crazy notes, letters, and do some pretty silly things when we were younger…Even though Rosie and Alex end up together at the end…it’s still  powerful story about true friends!!!!


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