To read or not to Read

Someone once said write what you know……so here I am…talking about the books I have read.
I love to read…I have read 15 books so far this year….no I am not a hermit…I do have 2 children and a husband and I have a part time job….well kind of…I work 2 days a week…..blah blah blah….back to my reading!!!  I love to read “Chicklit” and the reason that I want to do this is to expand my reading level….don’t get me wrong…I have read classics like “Anna Karenina”…which I did have to have 3 boxes of Kleenex!!!!  Gone with the wind, Scarlet and Weathering Heights….which were good don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE books that are based on LOVE!!!!! 
I do have a copy of War and Peace and Jane Eyre, but I haven’t gotten around to read them….
My all time Favorite book is Where the red Fern Grows….I still go through a box of Kleenexes when I read it and I have been reading it since grade 6!!!  (I am now in my Thirties!!!!!!)
My Husband tells me that I belong to readers anonymous…hence the title… here I am trying to find some others who love to read as much as me, and to get u guys to send me titles of your favorite book and I will read them and write a little blurb to see if I like it!!! 
I cannot wait for the nice weather so I can sit outside and soak up the sun and enjoy a book!!!!
Anyway!!  I hope that I will get a few readers and maybe someone might just send me a few books for me to read!!!


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